But in fact, what is FAMAE?

A first theme: waste

“We will put 1,000,000 € on the table to support initiatives in favor of the environment and especially on the reduction and recovery of waste.”

The image of the waste contest.

“We wanted the challenge to be international from the start because we have this certainty deep inside: as several we are more intelligent, and, as far as there are digital champions, the next champions will be green.”

One of the biggest challenges in the world

“We could perceive that there are emerging solutions, though not ready yet, but that will be in a short time.”

The team today.

The Laureats

All the juries, project leaders and teams at the Awards’ ceremony on May 26, 2018.

In 2019, FAMAE looks into water.

“What prevents us from sleeping is to know that a project leader who has an idea about water, whether it is for responsible consumption of water, access to water or the reduction of wasting water, misses the competition. “



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FAMAE is an independent family foundation that supports innovation in the field of environnement